Badass Blends
But Nicotine Free


Whippy Wafer, experience a wafer crunch with a smooth vanilla finish in a vape. Thick and creamy vanilla ice tones make this a very full flavoured, creamy vape experience. Perfect for the dessert vaping connoisseur.


Spiced Up Strawberry is a sumptuous treat, a ripe tasting strawberry blend with a pinch of cinnamon. A warming and comforting blend with plenty of depth for a rewarding vape experience. Enjoy a sugar dusted, strawberry cinnamon experience.


Freaky Fruits is a mouth-watering blend of summer fruits, melon and just a hint of coolness. Treat your taste buds to a tingle reminiscent of a cool sorbet. A fresh and fruity enjoyable vape just dripping with flavour.


Loco Lemon Tart is a light and tangy, sweet lemon tart flavour. Distinctive and divine it delights the taste buds all day long. Luscious lemony tones are simply irresistible for those who enjoy dessert based citrus vapes.


Tangy Twister is a blend of tropical fruit with a touch of sweet raspberry to make this one of the most rounded flavours in production. Tangy Twister based on the nostalgic lolly provides a taste sensation that completely envelopes your taste receptors on your tongue. It’s a must have liquid for the serious flavour collector.


Salted Caramel: A divine & moreish sweet vape. With rich silky caramel and a sprinkling of sea salt, the resulting aroma is warm and sensational. The perfect balance of sticky salted caramel in a decadent vape. Sit back, relax and savour this pleasurable sweet tasting experience.


Punchy Pineapple is a fruity flavoursome blend. A smooth tropical vape coupled with an additional sweet citrus note. The end notes of citrus give a punchy depth and dimension, but does not overpower the blend. Pick up Punchy Pineapple for a perfectly irresistible vape every time.


Blue slush is a nostalgic sweet combo of blueberry and raspberry. It will transport your taste buds back to childhood summers enjoying the ice cold blue raspberry goodness. Perfect for when you are looking for a cool, icy, fruity and flavoursome vape. It is lip-smackingly good. Enjoy all of the great tart and fruity flavour with a fantastically fruity aroma.

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